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Jan 11 2015


Posted by Erek

im sick and wheezing and still drawing so capitalism can suck my ass cause i drew this lil dude for myself to have FUN and not for money

Jan 11 2015


Posted by Erek

so i’ve been doing a lot of commissions and junk, and these little $6 portraits too so…yeah. yeah. here are some of the little drawings they’re sorta weird but w/e and an actual portrait that actually costs money like about $45 hopefully these show up… Continue Reading »

Oct 17 2014

Interview with The Degenerettes

Posted by Joshua Aidan Stone
Joshua Aiden Benscoter: Rhythm Guitarist

A Baltimore, MD Queer Art Rock Power Trio The Degenerettes have a sound that is catchy, lyrics that border on the humorous at times, all while surrounded by deep rhythmic bass riffs, melodic guitar, and drum beats that just get inside you.  They formed in… Continue Reading »