Trans-Genre launched in March 2008 when the need for a resource that featured the creative talents of the transgender community was at it’s highest. With only a website to compile profiles, and 14 initial artists Trans-Genre set out to be a space for artists and allies to connect, inspire, and grow creatively with each other.

     Since it’s “world wide web” debut in ’08, Trans-Genre has released 2 compilation CD’s, toured from coast to coast, and grown to over 70+ Artists.


Ryka Aoki with her book Seasonal Velocities April 2012

     In 2012 we hit a new record when we launched Trans-Genre Press and published Seasonal Velocities by Ryka Aoki, making us the 1st trans-run Press in the U.S. dedicated 100% to publishing works by the transgender creative community…


…and we’re only getting started…


    With a fresh vision and the inspiration of a whole new generation of artists, as well as the many who are continuing to pave the way, Trans-Genre is excited to introduce a new way of engaging with our work.


    Winter 2012 gave a new look, and with it comes features we’ve been aching to share with our community: is more than a digital landing page for Trans-Genre & Trans-Genre Press, it is an ever evolving cooperative art form, and an increasingly massive display of the power, brilliance, and creativity of a community of people who have inspired me to keep creating, growing, and loving my identity.


A.J. Bryce, Creative Director – Trans-Genre & Trans-Genre Press


For current and past info on Trans-Genre, how we operate, our vision, and our future goals visit our Backstage Pass Blog.