A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists
tagged as ‘spoken word’

Tom Cho

Tom Cho is an artist and the author of the collection of fictions Look Who’s Morphing. Look Who’s Morphing was published to acclaim in Australia and New Zealand by Giramondo Publishing in 2009. In April 2014, it was published in North America and Europe by Arsenal Pulp Press. Look Who’s Morphing has been studied at universities in… Read More »

Vince “Loki” Diaz

Vince “Loki” Diaz is a 26 year old Comedian, Pagan, Priest, AND Goth who grew up in a Latino Roman Catholic background. He has been featured in American Goth, a documentary by Ryan Rhea (2005), and has done sporadic tour dates within the Missouri pagan and gothic communities. Born in San Truce Puerto Rico, and… Read More »

Cooper Lee Bombardier

Cooper Lee Bombardier is a Visual Artist, Writer, Performer, Actor, Carpenter, Welder and Activist. He lives in New Mexico, with his two genius dogs. He works as an organizer with LGBT and straight ally youth and as a journeyman stagehand/carpenter. Cooper’s visual art and performance have been exhibited nationally. He is a veteran performer of… Read More »

Liam Bechen

liam bechen (liam and the bees) is a 27-year-old social worker by day, rockstar by night (and afternoon). he has been making music from a young age, smashing the keys of his fischer price dinosaur piano and making up songs when he was knee high to a grasshopper. music became a central focus of his… Read More »

Athens Boys Choir

Athens Boys Choir is a Transgender, Multi-Media, Spoken-Word/Homo-hop Extravaganza. The name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving but you can’t blame a Transsexual Jew living in the Deep South for having a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. He (Katz) has been on the road since 2003 performing for audiences that are… Read More »