A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists
tagged as ‘Visual Art’

Kate Weakley

My current work incorporates my experiences as a transgender individual. On a personal level, I use myself as a subject matter to depict the changes I’ve experienced both physical and mentally as I go through my transition. On a broader level, I explore issues related to gender, sexuality, masculinity, and femininity through observation and objective… Read More »

Galen K.

I am a transgender artist who works in volunteering and art as a way to represent the transgender, intersex, cross-dresser and gender non-conformist community. I also work in mental health to help other neurodivergent people of all genders/non-genders, trans, cis or otherwise. I currently have work showing at The Pride Center of Vermont. These pieces… Read More »

Cooper Lee Bombardier

Cooper Lee Bombardier is a Visual Artist, Writer, Performer, Actor, Carpenter, Welder and Activist. He lives in New Mexico, with his two genius dogs. He works as an organizer with LGBT and straight ally youth and as a journeyman stagehand/carpenter. Cooper’s visual art and performance have been exhibited nationally. He is a veteran performer of… Read More »