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Gabrielle Crow

Hailing from the small town of Boone, NC comes Gabrielle Crow. Gabrielle plays fiery blues solo’s on her debut CD titled “Hollow Victory” soon to be released on itunes and other online music stores. Gabrielle has a very unique playing style because she refused to copy other guitarists in her formative years; but later went… Read More »


Cephalophore is an alternative hip-hop project consisting of a transgendered woman and a cisgendered man.  I am the woman.  My name is Nancy, my rap name is Porpoise BM.  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, and my path to spiritual and self awareness has led me through countless dark nights of pain… Read More »

Jack Pinder

As a kid, Jack Pinder always imagined himself becoming a pastor. He picked up a guitar at age 11, hoping to lead singalongs at his Lutheran sleepaway camp. Being religious didn’t really pan out for him, but he kept with lessons throughout his teenage years and became especially fond of classical and bluegrass guitar. Then… Read More »


Willow Dee. Vocalist/Guitarist/Drummer/Occasional Bassist. 6 years of playing in local bands. Limited stage and concert choir experience. My current projects: EVL: A Metal/Punk project since high school. I front the band as lead vocalist and play live guitar. I’ve been trying to devise a stage show. Looking for help from visual artists on that front. We… Read More »