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Trans-Genre Artists
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Kean O’Brien

Kean’s main interest in making art lays in community engagement. Collaboration is the way his work is made and where his work is inspired from. The ideas, practice, and documentation are all because of artistic collaborations. He do not see his work as “mine”, but rather as “ours”. Kean graduated from CalArts with an MFA… Read More »

Sea Lowder

SEA LOWDER (alternatively: just Pat). An absurd kind of Southerner. I am an ordained minister in the American Fellowship Church, an author, traditional aromatherapist, craftsperson, coach, and painter presently living in Winston-Salem, NC. Follow my antics on wordpress: https://bluetansycraft.wordpress.com

J. J. Lepke

My best work lately has been in traditional collage, but I’m also working in other media, such as graphic design, and am in the process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. I’ve also written and copy-edited news and press releases for a few GLBTQ/trans* organizations, it’s been some of my favorite and most personally… Read More »


Cephalophore is an alternative hip-hop project consisting of a transgendered woman and a cisgendered man.  I am the woman.  My name is Nancy, my rap name is Porpoise BM.  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, and my path to spiritual and self awareness has led me through countless dark nights of pain… Read More »