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Trans-Genre Artists
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Pavini Moray

San Francisco based writer, teacher and somatic sex coach Pavini Moray helps queer, gender-fabulous and fat clients claim their desire and live their full erotic potential. When not blogging about sex and intimacy at www.emancipatingsexuality.com, Pavini can be found putting on glitter and dreaming up pleasure revolutions.

Kean O’Brien

Kean’s main interest in making art lays in community engagement. Collaboration is the way his work is made and where his work is inspired from. The ideas, practice, and documentation are all because of artistic collaborations. He do not see his work as “mine”, but rather as “ours”. Kean graduated from CalArts with an MFA… Read More »

Tom Cho

Tom Cho is an artist and the author of the collection of fictions Look Who’s Morphing. Look Who’s Morphing was published to acclaim in Australia and New Zealand by Giramondo Publishing in 2009. In April 2014, it was published in North America and Europe by Arsenal Pulp Press. Look Who’s Morphing has been studied at universities in… Read More »

Gabrielle Crow

Hailing from the small town of Boone, NC comes Gabrielle Crow. Gabrielle plays fiery blues solo’s on her debut CD titled “Hollow Victory” soon to be released on itunes and other online music stores. Gabrielle has a very unique playing style because she refused to copy other guitarists in her formative years; but later went… Read More »

Sea Lowder

SEA LOWDER (alternatively: just Pat). An absurd kind of Southerner. I am an ordained minister in the American Fellowship Church, an author, traditional aromatherapist, craftsperson, coach, and painter presently living in Winston-Salem, NC. Follow my antics on wordpress: https://bluetansycraft.wordpress.com