A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists

Gabrielle Crow

Hailing from the small town of Boone, NC comes Gabrielle Crow. Gabrielle plays fiery blues solo’s on her debut CD titled “Hollow Victory” soon to be released on itunes and other online music stores. Gabrielle has a very unique playing style because she refused to copy other guitarists in her formative years; but later went… Read More »


Cephalophore is an alternative hip-hop project consisting of a transgendered woman and a cisgendered man.  I am the woman.  My name is Nancy, my rap name is Porpoise BM.  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, and my path to spiritual and self awareness has led me through countless dark nights of pain… Read More »

Adelaide Windsome

“cryptic vaudevillian surrealism” -bitchmedia “simultaneously haunting, uplifting, and entertaining” -Julia Serano, author and activist Adelaide Windsome is a multimedia fabulist and artist with an affinity for crude patchwork, rusty treasures, and filth. Her dark and whimsical performance and installation is laced with magical realism, occult symbolism, and fairy tale motifs which she utilizes to confront themes of… Read More »

Actor Slash Model

Through both music and film Actor Slash Model addresses issues of gender identity, gender performance and politics, a sex positive ideal, and the art making process. As a duet music project, Actor Slash Model creates fun, quirky, entertaining music exploring gender and sex positivity as well as the most basic inspirations to all people: love,… Read More »

Galen K.

I am a transgender artist who works in volunteering and art as a way to represent the transgender, intersex, cross-dresser and gender non-conformist community. I also work in mental health to help other neurodivergent people of all genders/non-genders, trans, cis or otherwise. I currently have work showing at The Pride Center of Vermont. These pieces… Read More »

Jackie Isfabulous

I’m Jackie Isfabulous a mtf transsexual. I started my transition in may 2010. I started living full time in Nov of 2010. I have legally changed my name and my gender marker on my ID . I grew up a quiet kid with and always loved music. It wasn’t until 2009 when a couple of… Read More »

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens is a singer/songwriter, guitar/banjoist, writer, activist, and a third of the folk-roots Americana group Coyote Grace. Born and raised in California, Joe continues the wandering tradition of the human diaspora, carrying on the family trade of music. Coyote Grace began in 2004 as a nomadic duo busking at Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market, singing… Read More »

Joshua Aiden Benscoter: Rhythm Guitarist

Joshua Aidan Stone

Joshua Aidan Stone is 35 year old Trans man living in the St. Louis Metro area.  Josh has been playing guitar, and writing music for over 15 years.  It has been sometime since he has had much focus on his music, but he has hopes that this last year has brought some insight and inspiration… Read More »


Got a spiritual core which I like to keep in touch with, especially through music. Previously known as data-boy, better known these days as astottara, which I play all styles under – from jamming a guitar with sweet melodies, to electro chaos, to more poppy rap kind of stuff. Never really been one to play… Read More »