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A.J. Bryce

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A.J. Bryce is
an in the moment 1 line poet
whose “Affix Label Here” sign
winds around his female lines…
and curves, before you know it you’re inside,
he’s sold it he’s still broke, but he owns it’
… kind of guy.

He’s a 1 man Rock band with fans across the land
jammin to the 1 fan in the stands
like a wanna-be
FTM Rock God Legend.

Actor, Artist, and most importantly ‘Queer FTM Rocker
A.J. Bryce is armed and ready to enlighten the world on what it’s like to be a Man who is Trans wielding a guitar in his hands.

Currently Performing under the Title “Modern Day Pinnochio” A.J. is gearing up to spearhead revolutions in Trans-Awareness by fusing his mad guitar skillz with his charming demeanor.

He has performed at Such venues as Camp Trans, Bushstock08′, the Hillsborough Road Coop’s “FreakShow” , as well as performed across the country with the Tranny Roadshow 06-08.

A.J. Bryce currently resides in the St. Louis, Mo area where he spends his days living as a single parent, artist, and organizer for Trans empowerment through the creative arts.

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