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Adam Cain

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Sunofcain, Adam Cain’s brainchild band started out in his apartment with a drum machine and a small PA. Adam’s music experience came from 10 years in the school band playing trumpet and mellophone while teaching himself the drums on his brother’s kit when he got home from school.

Later, in college at UNC-Wilmington, he learned to play the djembe and other hand drums. After a long hiatus from music, he became interested in creating music to back up his newly-learned vocal skills (he was a karaoke host for 2-1/2 years). In 2005, Adam bought a drum machine, a midi keyboard & some music programs, and began to write his own music. He wrote, performed, recorded and produced 4 complete songs with 4 other songs remaining to finally be recorded.

Adam’s music is a mixture of solid beats with dark vocals and lyrics. Accompanying him is Joe Fossececa, Adam’s former roommate who he met in early 2006. Playing the guitar and keys, Joe’s licks were imaginative and supportive of the various song’s vocal stylings. Adam spent 20-odd years growing up near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. After graduating from college, he moved to the West Coast to explore his sexuality and broaden his horizons. He fell in love with Portland and now calls it home.

Adam was always interested in lyrics and song-writing… most notably, Simon LeBon from Duran Duran – when in those days sometimes you had to listen to the song a million times to understand the lyrics… His love for lyrics followed through until he realized he could write his own music without knowing how to play piano or guitar. He wrote his lyrics in desperate hope that people would listen and learn from his life, his mistakes, his trials and tribulations, as Adam has lived a colorful life. As an example, the stress of his transition brought on a genetic case of bipolar disorder. The combination of coming out as FTM in the South and the symptoms of bipolar disorder landed Adam on the streets. There he remained for four long years battling his mental illness but afraid to seek treatment. Eventually, he realized the benefits of medical attention and in 2004, was able to get off the streets with the help of new medications. Currently, Adam is on hiatus from music and focusing on a new job which is what’s paying the bills these days. Wait tho’ – Adam wouldn’t call himself retired just yet… you never know when the mood’s going to hit!

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