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Adelaide Windsome

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“cryptic vaudevillian surrealism” -bitchmedia

“simultaneously haunting, uplifting, and entertaining” -Julia Serano, author and activist

Adelaide Windsome is a multimedia fabulist and artist with an affinity for crude patchwork, rusty treasures, and filth. Her dark and whimsical performance and installation is laced with magical realism, occult symbolism, and fairy tale motifs which she utilizes to confront themes of fear, isolation, trauma, and the beauty of survival.

Windsome’s has performed across the country and her video work has been featured internationally. She has led workshops on queerness, social justice, and art movements at various universities including James Madison and Harvard Law.

Currently she tours with the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow and is immersed in grad school for experimental animation.

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