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Bastian Quinn Dubh-Ze'ev

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Raised in Central Florida to be a good little Catholic girl, Bastian found out he was really a nice Jewish young man fairly early in life, but did not come out as trans* until 2005, when he was 23 and living in Kansas. Bastian is a writer and poet who dabbles in watercolor and oil painting, printmaking, and Native arts and crafts. He also plays trumpet, piano, baritone, bassoon, french horn, and sings…but does not practice as much as he should, aside from his trumpet in pep band.

Bastian Quinn Dubh-Ze’ev  attends a small Catholic university, where he is out on campus and frequently participates in PFLAG Coming Out Panels across Wichita. He will graduate in 2011 with a degree in English and Elementary Education. Bastian plans on eventually teaching Special Education using Expressive Arts Therapies (Music/Drama/Dance/Art) and would eventually like to open his own school.

Unpublished professionally, he regularly contributes and edits his school’s yearly literary magazine. Bastian loathes traditional terms for sexual orientation and gender identity. He self-identifies as “heteroflexible” or “qweird.” He and his adorkable ftM boyfriend, Elliot Holloway, live in Wichita with their cat, Smokey Elvis, and dog, Rufus Valentine. They are active members of the Wichita Two-Spirit Society and regularly attend shul at Temple Emanu El. When they have time, they hold weekly TransFamily dinners for their small community.

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