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Cephalophore is an alternative hip-hop project consisting of a transgendered woman and a cisgendered man.  I am the woman.  My name is Nancy, my rap name is Porpoise BM.  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, and my path to spiritual and self awareness has led me through countless dark nights of pain and addiction before it brought me to stand here today.  I work with one of my best friends, Mentor, to make this music and it means a great deal to us.  I am the primary lyricist and rapper, Mentor is the primary producer.  It is not conventional hip-hop, but it primarily concerns itself with personal and mystical themes.  I am also a visual artist, I weld statues and draw Tarot cards.  I rap in my natural speaking voice, and one of my ultimate aspirations is to show that transgender artists can be known for more than just our gender identities and that we can speak with authority on things other than gender politics.  I hope you like our work.

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