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Cooper Lee Bombardier

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Cooper Lee Bombardier is a Visual Artist, Writer, Performer, Actor, Carpenter, Welder and Activist. He lives in New Mexico, with his two genius dogs. He works as an organizer with LGBT and straight ally youth and as a journeyman stagehand/carpenter.

Cooper’s visual art and performance have been exhibited nationally.
He is a veteran performer of the legendary Sister Spit tours, as well as the Lowdown Highway book tour. He has performed individually at institutions of higher learning ,sleazy bars and everything in between all across the country.
You can check out some of his writing in the anthologies Lowdown Highway, From the Inside Out-Radical Gender Transformation FTM and Beyond, and the forthcoming anthology Gendered Hearts. Cooper is widely known as the dude on the cover of the Drag King Book. He is currently working on his first novel. He would love to jump in your van for a tour!

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