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Desiree Hines

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Desiree Hines, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, is well on her way to being one of the worlds most visible African American Women who is a Classical/Pipe Organist. Miss Hines began her transition from Male To Female at the age of 22, leaving Mississippi for Seattle-Tacoma, Washington.

Miss Hines serves as an organist for several churches along the East Coast, in NewYork, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. In 2010, she will return to the extension division of the famed Mannes College of Music in New York City to pursue the diploma in Organ Performance. In 2007, Hines began to develop the idea for an integrated Performing Arts Festival featuring emerging Arts Professions from the GLBT Community worldwide. In 2009, the first annual Philadelphia GLBT Arts Festival was held, showcasing over 10 performers from 5 of the United States and two Canadian Territories in over 25 performances. For 2010, the festival will over 50 performers in ensembles and solo concerts over one week in June.

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