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Got a spiritual core which I like to keep in touch with, especially through music. Previously known as data-boy, better known these days as astottara, which I play all styles under – from jamming a guitar with sweet melodies, to electro chaos, to more poppy rap kind of stuff.

Never really been one to play much with others Started my life in a girl’s body but always played with the boys, learnt pretty much anything and everything musicwise from six, got into composition and songwriting, poetry, gay activism since I was 13 after coming out somewhat involuntarily. Use my music to muse, my main loves are kirtan (Hare Krishna style of getting wild musically) and 80s new wave, as well as emocore, hardcore, folk, country and also indie and industrial.

Always looking to collaborate with ideas – especially those combining a sociological and psychological awareness to spiritual awareness, which are usually unfortunately isolated ideals. In my spare time I do vegan catering, eat pizza cupcakes and sushi, produce music, ride bikes, renovate caravans or at least dream that I am, converse and play with my friends, read lots and dream about pirate ships.

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