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Galen K.

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I am a transgender artist who works in volunteering and art as a way to represent the transgender, intersex, cross-dresser and gender non-conformist community. I also work in mental health to help other neurodivergent people of all genders/non-genders, trans, cis or otherwise. I currently have work showing at The Pride Center of Vermont. These pieces are connected in my Musings on the Transgender Experience showcases. I will upload pictures of my work when i get the chance to this site. I want to make sure that no other trans person feels alienated and educate the public about gender diversity. I am trying to follow the philosophy of “be the change you want to see in the world”.

I work in many different mediums including (but not limited to) drawings, poetry & singing.

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Mar 20 2015

SAGE Project

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A zine about gender studies being put together by the SAGE Project in Missouri is going to be publishing a collage I made titled “Ramble”, that is representative/celebratory of the mish-mosh of everything that comes under the trans* umbrella.

Nov 12 2014

profile update

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After my art showed at TIC they took it down at the Center for Cultural Pluralism, but I am trying today to find out how to upload my art, Galen K.