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Georgie Jessup

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Georgie sings from the heart, like a rare flower in a wilderness. She speaks to us about the deepest issues. Issues that all of us should care about, but so many of us pretend don’t affect us. She reminds us that we are all related in our human condition and struggle. And Georgie reinforces that we are all trapped by gender and physical being, and that the brightest life and light we have is our soul.

Candye Kane -r&b/blues singer/songwriter
Sire Records, Rounder Records, Ruf Records

View the trailer for “Woman in a Man’s Suit,” the award-winning documentary about Georgie: http://tinyurl.com/wiamstrailer

Georgie Jessup has an extraordinary ability to encourage audiences to look deeply into their prejudices and other transgressions. Consequently, audiences tend to respond emotionally, if not always lovingly. Georgie has developed a successful career by challenging musical styles, personal identifications, and storybook history lessons. She has released five CD’s: American Holocaust, Sweet Grass Smoke, Winkte & Crazy Sacred Dogs, Woman in A Man’s Suit, and Working Class Hero. She is working on her sixth CD, Philosopher Dogs, scheduled release spring of 2014. Georgie also works for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Early Childhood Intervention. Her work with autistic and children with behavior issues is considered “outstanding” by AACPS.

Awards and other Recognition:

* 1996 play “The Berdache” whose main character Ammiel McLellen is inspired by Georgie Jessup – according to play’s author Cheryl Ann Costa

* Austria’s own Big City Indian, (for their 2003 release Native Heart UrbanSoul), recorded her song, Red Cloud’s Room, (from Red Cloud’s Room).

* Five WAMA Nominations for singer songwriter, vocal performance, and album (Washington Area Music Association)

* American Holocaust Nominated for the 2004 Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA-Milwaukee, WI)

* Featured performer at the Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival 2003-2007

* 2005 Fresh Fruit Awards for live show and nominated for songwriting

* 2005 & 2006 Silver Arrow Award

* 2009 Pride In the Arts Award for Transgender Musician of the Year

* “Woman In A Man’s Suit” film winner of the Festival Favorite Roanoke International Film Festival (Pride In The Arts) Award 2010 (Documentary film about Georgie)

* Music Festivals: DC Pride, Baltimore Pride, Delaware Pride, Philadelphia Pride, Indian Summer Music Awards, Leonard Peltier rallies, DE/MD/VA/PA powwows, Aboriginal Festival – Vancouver (Canada)

*Film & Documentaries: “On The Block” (film by Steve Yeager), “American Holocaust” (ProJectS production), “Almost Myself” (film by Tom Murry, music by Georgie Jessup), “Woman In A Man’s Suit” (Silent Code Features/ProJectS/Chip Taylor Communications)

* Radio play: KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage, Alaska, WMPG 90.0/104.1 FM Portland, Maine, CFWP 98.3 FM Mohawk, wryr.org 97.5 FM, SIRIUS RADIO: SIRIUS OutQ Hot 20, OutVoice http://www.outvoice.net/, www.rock95.com (Canada’s 6th largest Rock station), European radio markets

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