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Heidi Barton Stink

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Heidi Barton Stink is a transgender HipHop artist based out of Minneapolis. She writes and performs positive HipHop with an emphasis on social justice and trans and queer rights. A talented performer and wordsmith, she is a rising star in the world of independent rap. She has free music to download (The Familiar Pattern EP) at bartonstink.bandcamp.com and facebook.com/bartonstink where you can also watch for her upcoming shows.

She is also working on her debut album Mouth-Breathe Ad Nauseum with See More Perspective doing the production. The lyrical content of The Familiar Pattern EP comes not only from a fresh perspective as far as traditional hiphop is concerned but it also represents voices that aren’t normally heard in mainstream gay culture. Shying away from the sexualized lyrics and party songs that have been a staple of “HomoHop,” Heidi’s songs hit on topics such as the lack of inclusion and visibility of gender variant people’s needs in the mainstream (“Direct Action”) addiction (“Pick your Poison”) and the shame a transgender-queer faces growing up in a gender-normative “liberal” city (“Love Who”).

Heidi’s beats, like her verbal style have a wide range; from the warm positive midwestern style, experimental electro-pop to east coast epic with production by Homo-Hop MC/Comedian Soce The Elemental Wizard on the song “Direct Action”.

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