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Helyx Chase

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Hailing from Philadelphia, Helyx Chase is a gender queer dyke video artist, activist and media literacy educator.  Ze is a Hampshire College graduate with a degree in Video, Social Justice, Youth Empowerment and Global Power Dynamics.  Hir work focuses on extending tools and promoting media creation, specifically for those who are systematically excluded from methods of media production.  In 2010 Ze created the Midnight Media Coup as a formal expression of hir activist and artistic work.

Hir work includes The Trek Project, a multimedia exploration of how we see ourselves in a global context. The main component of the project is El Trompo, a short documentary that has been screened in many places including as a map-making installation in Amherst, MA and Philadelphia, PA.  Additionally, ze created Remapping Our (his)Stories, a project that uses media literacy practice to reframe the ways we see and construct (his)Story.  The project involved developing a youth program and curriculum as well as a multi-media installation, (his)Story: A Generation of Documentation.  Both the curriculum and installation use community based and interactive practices to examine how we do and how we can document our own histories.

Hir work seeks to promote media literacy practice and alternative media production as a manner to dismantle and systematic oppression.  Ze is a member of the Trans Oral History Collective and currently partnered with Trans-Genre to produce Visual Voices, a visual anthology of work by Trans Artists.

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