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Imani Henry

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Since 1993, Imani has been a Staff Organizer at the International Action Center (IAC), where his work has focused on national organizing of communities of color and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement toward broader social justice and anti-war campaigns. Over the years, Imani has worked behind the scenes to coordinate marches, rallies, demonstrations, direct actions, encampments, teach-ins, conferences and forums around the country.

His anti-war activism has ranged from opposing US-backed military inventions inAfghanistan, Colombia, Iran,Iraq, Haiti, Korea, Palestine,Somalia, Venezuela andYugoslavia to fighting to end the economic blockade of Cuba.Imani has organized to stop the gentrification of working class neighborhoods and to gain access to affordable housing, healthcare, education and jobs in the US. He has worked in solidarity to demand the right of return for Gulf Coast Hurricane survivors and to stop the racist attacks on immigrant communities. Since 1995, Imani has been part of the national anti-police brutality and anti-death penalty movements in the United States. Henry is the co-founder of Rainbow Flags for Mumia, a coalition of LGBTST people who demand the freedom of African- American political prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. As a staff member of The Audre Lorde Project, Imani was the program coordinator of TransJustice, the 1st political group of NYC created by and for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people of color. He also serves as the administrator for two national lists for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people of Color – TGPOC and TPOCX.

His writing has appeared in several publications including the lambda award winning Does Your Mama Know (Red Bone Press) and the newly releasedVoices Rising: Celebrating 20 years of Black LGBT Writing(Other Countries 2007) andMarxism, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle, (World View Forum Publishing). Imani is also a journalist for the progressive weekly, Workers’ World newspaper.

In July 2007, Imani had the great honor of being a speaker onLiberating Gender & Sexuality Plenary at United States Social Forum,which featuring Betita Martinez, Mia Mingus, Suzanne Pharr, Loretta Ross, and Andrea Smith2008 marks 6 years of touring his multi-media theatre performance, B4T (before testosterone), at colleges, conferences and theatres across the US and Canada.

Imani Henry is a Caribbean transsexual male living in the Republic of Brooklyn, NY

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