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Jackie Isfabulous

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I’m Jackie Isfabulous a mtf transsexual. I started my transition in may 2010. I started living full time in Nov of 2010. I have legally changed my name and my gender marker on my ID .

I grew up a quiet kid with and always loved music. It wasn’t until 2009 when a couple of friends who attended berklee school of music invited me to jam and i haven’t stopped since. A friend of mine Dj chillkut formed a duo called The Bozo Nightmare when i was Johnny Rev.

We have played over 20 shows together and released and EP on our own. This past summer I began performing as a solo artist playing 11 shows in july and august including The Phreakin Queer Music and arts festival in Philadelphia.

This past fall I returned to the studio and recorded a solo album titled Proud To Be. I am living a life now that I only thought was a dream! Believe in yourself and all your dreams can be reality!

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