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Jamez Terry

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Jamez Terry (alias Vermicious Knid) is a zine-writing, fiddle-playing, story-telling minister, father, performer, and radical organizer. In 2004, he co-founded the Tranny Roadshow and spent the next 8 years bringing fantastic trans performance art all around North America.  He debuted his first solo show Identity in 2011.  Jamez’ performances blend storytelling, humor, poetry, music, and sometimes circus costumes, drawing audiences into his unique world where laughter, adventure, and revelation abound.

Jamez has published more than 50 zines with writings that include politics, fiction, poetry, personal stories, and humor. His zines have been featured in exhibits at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts, as well as in the Zine Yearbook #8 and many other printed collections. In 2003, Jamez co-founded the Denver Zine Library, which quickly became one of America’s preeminent zine libraries and was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

Having worked in multiple queer activist settings, Jamez has provided trans education at conferences, schools, churches, and nonprofits around the country. In addition to trans 101 and other introductory topics, Jamez has conducted workshops on HIV prevention for trans youth; zines and the trans community; working with trans survivors of sex assault; addressing trans issues within radical communities; and welcoming trans people into communities of faith.

Jamez was the fiddle player, occasional singer, and pirate romancer for A is for Ampersand.  The band’s debut CD, Lost at Sea, was released in 2009 and their single, “Shovel,” is available exclusively on the Trans-Fusions 2 compilation.

Jamez currently lives in Boston and dreams of his eventual return to Alaska.

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