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Joshua Klipp

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no single paragraph on a profile could begin to describe the bio of the cute little white guy who has now become his own one man boy band.

the story begins in a memphis, tennessee, hospital, where i was born on an elevator going up. after many years lingering in the alternately freezing or baking tundra of the midwest, cut to the present day where you’ll find me spending my nights in a san francisco victorian flat with my puppy, and my days in a dance / recording studio (take your pick) or an office, depending on the alter ego i’m exercising that day.

i love music. i love to sing. my father directed gospel choirs, so the first strains to hit my infant ears were walter hawkins and andrae crouch. the LPs spinning on my parents janky turntable were earth wind and fire, aretha franklin’s *spirit in the dark*, dionne warwick, and the 5th dimension. in grade school i learned about the beatles, and made my own music videos to *eight days a week* and *kansas city*. in high school i got the leads in the school musicals, and hated every moment of it. so i ran away to college and fronted a cover band. that was so much better. later on i started a jazz band, and gigged all over san francisco with my trio who moonlighted as *mama’s cousin* and backed me as the *klipptones*. man i miss those guys.

here i am now. it’s been a long, hard, and beautiful road. my music is my soul, and i’m baring it to all of you. find your peace, create yourself, be true, and dream – always dream.

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