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Katy Koonce

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Katy Koonce is the front person for the Austin Texas queer rock band Butch County. Koonce is a trans-identified psychotherapist in Austin and has played with TX gender warriors, Raunchy Reckless and the Amazons, who first passed from the spiritual realm into the physical world of Austin, TX in March of 1999. Since their momentous inception, this unique tribe of Xena-inspired rockers battled in the name of queer rock love above and beyond the Lone Star State.

Accompanied by a repertoire of slide imagery to assist in the narration of their travels and relying heavily on large dressing rooms and hoola-hoops; Raunchy and her Amazons lived and loved by the warrior code so dramatically established in their epic song: ‘WWXD?’ [That’s What Would Xena Do? For you listeners at home.] Described as “a terrifying Xena two-part episode, or more aptly, a painfully twisted, season-long arc” (Kate X Messer- The Austin Chronicle), the Amazons leave every show cliffhanging with the promise and the request to keep the dream alive! BATTLE ON, AMAZONS!

Koonce performed as Capt’n Skallyfag and Koonce the Vulger Viking taking the front person position each show to perform the crowd favorite Manchest. After the Amazons went on ice Koonce begin writing and put together her first solo project called KOONCE and recorded the CD The New 45. After a blazing set at gaybigaygay in Austin in 2008 the band was reformed under the name Butch County and returned to tear it up at gaybigaygay in 2009 with special guest Christeen Vale. Butch County is a band that sounds like a love-child of old school ACDC and Janis Joplin. Rachael Shannon (Raunchy Reckless of Raunchy Reckless and the Amazons) says… “Absolutely infectious. When Katy Koonce takes to the stage, souls sigh with sweet relief to be joined in the magnificent inertia of the super-powered inspirational heartforce that Katy Koonce joyously bleeds onstage.

Katy brings it everytime, leaving no self-indulgent fantasy unfullfilled, and you love her for it! Whether heaving her manchest and flaunting her horns as Koonce the Vulgar Viking; sharing hearty laughter under a stubbled suscpicious grin and cockpiece as Captain Scallifag; or revelling in the fantabulous effervescent feminine wiles of Bette Midler in her Bette Midler routine, Katy mesmorizes her audiences and leaves a trail of hearts delighting in tales of her prowess and unpredictablity. All this and the vocal chords to match!!!

Katy loves her rock n roll and it loves her. In Katy lies a very special exhibition of how 21st century culture might like to manifest itself. She is a place and she is a time. Go there.” Kate X Messer of the Austin Chronicle says: “Katy Koonce should be required to come with the warning label: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Or else who knows how many wannabes’ll swallow jagged shard after jagged shard in desperate attempts to approximate that broken-glass tenor.”

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