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Kelsey Jarboe

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Kelsey Jarboe’s work is about collective memory, historical revisionism, and escapism, incorporating field recordings with songwriting, samples, spoken word, and abstract vocal improvisation. It attempts to evoke both familiarity and alienation: the uncanny of a home we have only seen on television or heard of in myth. The music is strongly influenced by both experimental and pop histories and is ideal for reclusive science fiction geeks.

Most recently, they have written music with the Theater Offensive’s True Colors Out Youth Theater program in Boston, and performed with local songstress Amanda Palmer at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. They also occasionally cameo at the Oberon for the drag/cabaret/genderblender show TranniWreck. In 2010, they performed in the Works-in-Progress Festival at the experimental performance art venue Mobius in Boston, and at the Somerville Armory with local legend Rick Berlin. Before that, they also played at the Arisia Science Fiction Convention and an anarchist gatheting in the woods.

Their live shows always involve high energy, catharsis, humor, and audience participation. One review of their most recent release, “Magical Realism”, wrote, “Poignant, powerful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes whimsical, ‘Magical Realism’ expands significantly on last year’s excellent ‘Among Your Kind.’ A real masterpiece.” — Love and Mathematics

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