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Leah Basarab

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Leah B. (Ksenya Leah Basarab) creates experimental musical fragments and prose/narrative/essay form written works. Her musical pieces are an energized form of communication that involves sharing a myriad of emotions, memories, and opinions via varying vocalizations, a bass guitar, timing effects/layers, sometimes a piano, and more rarely a cello. Leah’s writing is (or has been at one time) a collection of observations spanning concentrated periods of time, zine expression, and more recently several essays on topics such as creative processes, community health/healthcare within vulnerable populations/trans bodies in medicinal modalities, psychosocial introversion, and organizing art activism within trans/queer communities. She lives in Philadelphia.

projects:  ex. by v. (band —- two-piece experimental/punk/prose/thrash/noise/prose), ninety-five sights (solo —- a pretty mess of distorted / lo-fi / experimental / prose / punk fragments), founding member of the gender edge collective (on hiatus)

other links: http://95sights.blogspot.com/



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