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Leon Mostovoy

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Leon Mostovoy is a transgender artist who has been on the front lines of creating queer and political art for decades. Formerly Tracy, he started his queer art career with publishing erotica for On Our Backs magazine in the early 1980s. He has photographed for Quim magazine, created book covers for Leslie Finberg and Lynda Hart, was featured in Nothing But The Girl, was published numerous times in the NYC Portable Lower East Side and Low Rent anthologies and has created many acclaimed exhibitions, such as “The Market Street Cinema,” “Naked Women In Public Places,” “Life Force,” and “Women Ex-Cons” and “Death Of My Daughter”. He film short about FTM and gender identity “Death Of My Daughter” filmed in 2010 has has international success in the LGBTQ film festivals.

His most recent projects explore transgender identity. Most of his former photographic series have been about the struggles and triumphs of women as they strive for strength and independence living outside the lines of heteronormative expectations. He has always worked to create photographs and videos that give a voice to the unheard. His most celebrated art has been the documentation of the fight against the AIDS pandemic, sex workers, queer erotica, and women ex-cons. He creates art out of his own personal strife and the r/evolution of queer rights. His work is created to bring light to the dark and misunderstood as well as the beautiful, righteous people who have been cast away by society because of ignorance and fear. “Women Ex-cons” is about women in the prison system and the injustices suffered at the hands of a failing political system. “Life Force” is about a woman living with AIDS and was shown in Los Angeles was well as in the 1998 12th World AIDS Conferen ce in Geneva, Switzerland. He worked with ACT-UP NYC and ART POSITIVE NYC as a photographer in the fight against AIDS from 1988-1993 and created a tribute show about people living with AIDS for the first Day Without Art NYC in 1990. Leon has had over 50 shows, including solo and group photography exhibitions and multi-media shows.

In addition, he has collaborated for a decade on international multi-media shows with performance artist Divianna Ingravallo. and has also collaborated with Annie Sprinkle, Julie Tolentino, Ron Athey, Cheryl Dunye , Angela Davis, and many more extraordinary people on the revolutionary front.

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