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Linda Bedore

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Linda Bedore was born on December 4th, 1930, and named after her grandfather, Joseph. From very early on, Linda knew that she was different from the boys around her, but was fearful that if she told anyone, she would be outcast.

At 19, Linda joined the Navy and was married soon after. Her first marriage produced 6 children but was spent hiding her true self from her family. Her second marriage, and subsequent divorce, gave Linda more chance to find herself.

At age 73, Linda made the choice to transition. Now she travels extensively, enjoys country dancing, and always brings along her harmonica. Linda’s packed a lot of life into the past 4 years, and she’s ready for more!

Linda traveled with the Tranny Roadshow during their Rocky Mountain Tour in 08′ and didn’t skip a beat as she danced circles around everyone at the Country bar in Denver.

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