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NCN is the boy-band-inspired stage name of a hater of capitalism, believer in collective liberation, and conductor of storytelling experiments for children and adults. Sir Eyes, the babydonkey, and all of NCN’s other characters (NCN personifies everything he sees) inhabit worlds where cause-and-effect logic and Newtonian physics have been replaced by magic, desire and SM fantasy.

For the past many years, intermittently,  NCN has recorded and performed the stories of his friend Tigerlad. Like and unlike NCN, Tigerlad set off one day on a Gender Quest only to lose sight of his original goal in a tangle of (mis)adventures.

NCN is honored to be privy to Tigerlad’s ongoing tales, and doubly-honored to get to relay them to the world. His favorite part of performing is collaborating with the audience, and he’s always trying new tricks to make that happen. As a shy person, he most enjoys facilitating structured, low-pressure group activities such as games and art and writing prompts.

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