A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists

Eli Conley

Eli Conley is an Americana singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a powerful live performer, armed with expressive acoustic fingerstyle guitar chops, a country choirboy croon, and an ever-growing collection of folk songs. Conley crafts folk songs for misfits from the raw material of his life as a gay transgender man… Read More »

Galen K.

I am a transgender artist who works in volunteering and art as a way to represent the transgender, intersex, cross-dresser and gender non-conformist community. I also work in mental health to help other neurodivergent people of all genders/non-genders, trans, cis or otherwise. I currently have work showing at The Pride Center of Vermont. These pieces… Read More »

Amelia Diamond

Writer, gardener, mother, wife, noisemaker, forest creature, queer, trans, mentally ill, and an excellent liar – Amelia Diamond copes with the misfortune of being unable to stop noticing the devastating beauty all around her by writing stories and making abstract noise music. Fiction and a bit of poesy here: http://xameliadiamond.blogspot.com/ Noise here: http://christinaamelia.bandcamp.com/ <3

Morgan M. Page

Morgan M. Page is a Welsh-Canadian transfeminist activist, artist, writer, and Santera in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to her work at a major local LGBT organization, where she runs programs for trans adults, trans youth, and trans sex workers, Morgan also writes for PrettyQueer.com. She is currently working on her first film through Inside… Read More »

Rahne Alexander

Rahne Alexander is a multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore, MD. Her film & video art has screened in galleries and festivals across the country, including the Baltimore Museum of Art, Microcinefest, MIX the Queer Experimental Film Festival, Freewaves (LA), Homoscope (Austin) and Cinekink (NYC). Rahne was featured in the 2010 rockumentary Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance, and she performs frequently… Read More »

Angelica Ross

Angelica’s journey began when she graduated high school at the age of 17, to avoid 1 more year of spiritual torture. Angelica traveled, from Racine to Rochester, NY where she was recruited by the U.S. Navy. They knew this black blonde-haired boy didn’t belong when she showed up to the physical with her toenails painted,… Read More »

Joshua Klipp

no single paragraph on a profile could begin to describe the bio of the cute little white guy who has now become his own one man boy band. the story begins in a memphis, tennessee, hospital, where i was born on an elevator going up. after many years lingering in the alternately freezing or baking… Read More »


Metahuman aka Kalil Cohen began recording and interpreting the world around him at the age of 5, with meticulously detailed travel journals of family trips. With an insatiable drive to make sense of life through rhythm and rhyme, Metahuman soon began self-publishing his poetry, although his grandmother was his only customer for some time.  Many… Read More »

Fabian Romero

Fabian Romero is a Two Spirit Queer Chicano poet, blogger, and community organizer. Their sincere poetry and stories stem from their experiences as an Economic Refugee, speaking two languages, Queerness, and working as a migrant laborer. Fabian was born in Michoacán, Mexico and came to North America when they were seven years old. Since 2007, they… Read More »