A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists

Jaye McBride

Jaye McBride is an upstate New York comedian who’s been featured all across the country. She’s a regular at the Albany Comedy Works and can be seen emceeing or performing at comedy showcases and burlesque shows throughout New York State’s Capital District. Being transgender doesn’t just mean she’s a great target at roasts; it has… Read More »

Bastian Quinn Dubh‑Ze’ev

Raised in Central Florida to be a good little Catholic girl, Bastian found out he was really a nice Jewish young man fairly early in life, but did not come out as trans* until 2005, when he was 23 and living in Kansas. Bastian is a writer and poet who dabbles in watercolor and oil… Read More »

Johnny Blazes

Named “one of Boston’s rising stars” by Stuff Magazine, Johnny Blazes is known for their genre-bending, gender-blending, tongue-in-cheek performances.  They draw from their training in theater, dance and voice to create a category-defying brand of vaudevillian performance that incorporates drag, burlesque, comedy and clowning. After graduating from Oberlin College in 2007, where they founded and… Read More »

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens is a singer/songwriter, guitar/banjoist, writer, activist, and a third of the folk-roots Americana group Coyote Grace. Born and raised in California, Joe continues the wandering tradition of the human diaspora, carrying on the family trade of music. Coyote Grace began in 2004 as a nomadic duo busking at Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market, singing… Read More »

Scott Turner Schofield

Scott Turner Schofield is a writer, performer, and educator creating theater about gender and sexuality in the Deep South. He is also a man who was a woman, a lesbian turned straight guy who is often called a fag. Not surprisingly, his work centers on contradictions and comedy. Often sharing the stage with gender-focused artists… Read More »

Evan Greer

Evan Greer is a radical trans-identified / genderqueer singer/songwriter, parent, community organizer and workshop-facilitator based in Boston, MA. Evan writes and performs high energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance! At 25 years old, this queerly punk folk artist tours internationally as a musician and facilitates interactive workshops that support movements… Read More »

Pat Paul Jammernegg

Pat Paul Jammernegg was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1979. Paul used to live in both Asheville, NC and Salzburg, currently he is planning on relocating and touring (new live readings in 2009). Reader’s Round Table Prize by the House of Literature in Salzburg, 2000. Published in the anthology book Langeweile! (Boredom!), 2002. First poetry in… Read More »

Elliot Coale Holloway

There’s not much for a born-and-bred Massachusetts Democrat to do in a Midwest town like Wichita, Kansas, right? WRONG! As a recent addition to the GLBTQI community of Kansas, Elliot Coale Holloway has had to find ways other than the exceedingly in-your-face, direct activism he was used to doing, and that is coming through by… Read More »

Adam Cain

Sunofcain, Adam Cain’s brainchild band started out in his apartment with a drum machine and a small PA. Adam’s music experience came from 10 years in the school band playing trumpet and mellophone while teaching himself the drums on his brother’s kit when he got home from school. Later, in college at UNC-Wilmington, he learned… Read More »