A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists

Ryan Sallans

Ryan Sallans is a public speaker, diversity trainer, consultant, and author specializing in health care and workplace issues surrounding the LGBTQIA community. He also works with organizations and Universities on LGBTQ social issues, and media literacy related to eating disorders and body image. Since 2005, Ryan has traveled the nation sharing his story about transitioning… Read More »

Ryka Aoki

Ryka Aoki is a writer, composer, chemist, black belt, and moonshiner who was recently featured at the National Queer Arts Festival, the National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival, Ladyfest South 2007, Atlanta Pride, UCLA’s OutCRY, and Fresh Meat. Trans-Genre Press has published Ryka’s first book, Seasonal Velocities! In 2005, Ryka was the inaugural performer for… Read More »

Athens Boys Choir

Athens Boys Choir is a Transgender, Multi-Media, Spoken-Word/Homo-hop Extravaganza. The name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving but you can’t blame a Transsexual Jew living in the Deep South for having a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. He (Katz) has been on the road since 2003 performing for audiences that are… Read More »

Adam Cain

Sunofcain, Adam Cain’s brainchild band started out in his apartment with a drum machine and a small PA. Adam’s music experience came from 10 years in the school band playing trumpet and mellophone while teaching himself the drums on his brother’s kit when he got home from school. Later, in college at UNC-Wilmington, he learned… Read More »

Red Durkin

Red Durkin is the managing editor of PrettyQueer.com and one the most promising young queer comics in the country. She has toured extensively as part of the Tranny Roadshow, performed at Camp Trans and the Transgender Leadership Summit and was a member of the Fully Functional Cabaret. She has written 9 zines, was featured in the final issue of… Read More »

Diana Stone

Diana is a performing composer and musician playing Piano Violin & Guitar. She currently plays with the Rock/Roots band Elephant Shelf and also the Delta Ladies who mix roots acoustic music and swing and country Diana composes in a variety of styles from pop to rock to Jazz and and classical music. Diana is also… Read More »

J. J. Lepke

My best work lately has been in traditional collage, but I’m also working in other media, such as graphic design, and am in the process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. I’ve also written and copy-edited news and press releases for a few GLBTQ/trans* organizations, it’s been some of my favorite and most personally… Read More »