A Showcase of Transgender Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

Trans-Genre Artists

A.J. Bryce

A.J. Bryce is an in the moment 1 line poet whose “Affix Label Here” sign winds around his female lines… and curves, before you know it you’re inside, he’s sold it he’s still broke, but he owns it’ … kind of guy. He’s a 1 man Rock band with fans across the land jammin to… Read More »

Elias Krell

Elias is a singer, writer, and performer who currently lives in Poughkeepsie, New York. They are writing a book about trans musicians, with a focus on race, class, and ability, and have released three records, the latest of which is “Elias Krell & the No Good.”  

Domina Catrina Lee

Singapore born transgendered jazz fusion guitarist and new music composer, Domina Catrina Lee remains an enigma. Her work has been called ‘transcendent’ and ‘intriguing’ but has yet to build a sufficient following. An artist deserving much wider attention she works constantly and untiringly on her art and updates her growing body of work available online.

Tough Tough Skin

Tough Tough Skin takes the stage with a punk sensibility and a strong nod to the Homocore bands of the 90s. This Minneapolis rock trio draws on a range of influences, from classical and blues to riot grrl, and layers playful but propulsive bass and guitar with energetic vocals and breakneck rhythms that will shake… Read More »


Wordz the poet emcee, has reigned humbly for many years amongst the ranking lords of Philly’s underground Hip Hop movement. As a true lyricist, conscious of the philosophical and creative energies of the Gods and Goddesses of ancient HipHop Kulture, he is as authentic as emcees are born. The foundation of the name- Wordz- embodies… Read More »

J. J. Lepke

My best work lately has been in traditional collage, but I’m also working in other media, such as graphic design, and am in the process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. I’ve also written and copy-edited news and press releases for a few GLBTQ/trans* organizations, it’s been some of my favorite and most personally… Read More »

Jaye McBride

Jaye McBride is an upstate New York comedian who’s been featured all across the country. She’s a regular at the Albany Comedy Works and can be seen emceeing or performing at comedy showcases and burlesque shows throughout New York State’s Capital District. Being transgender doesn’t just mean she’s a great target at roasts; it has… Read More »