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Pat Paul Jammernegg

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Pat Paul Jammernegg was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1979. Paul used to live in both Asheville, NC and Salzburg, currently he is planning on relocating and touring (new live readings in 2009).

Reader’s Round Table Prize by the House of Literature in Salzburg, 2000.
Published in the anthology book Langeweile! (Boredom!), 2002.
First poetry in English featured in the compilation book Bound By The Secrets We Share, 2008, debut poetry book “Prototype”, May 2008.

Poems by PPJ:

After She Came Back From Exile

Benazir Bhutto shot – another suicide bomber dead
somebody wanted to make sure – whoever claimed guilt
the party was born a new martyr at 6:16 pm
said the party, how shrewd and handy
ethical mass grave for the partly bombed to splinter party-C-pants
there she was brought down to her father’s tomb
first open-to-all ballot box cross-graded to a box
to put hung democracy into as the dictator’s trophy

tumult in Pakistan, tomorrow bad news are somewhere else
stirring up another pre-paid headline
to stick believers in line with meaningful mastication
so they go to hell when loyalty is not needed any more
terrorism is a catch phrase to dislocate and cover up
a time of worldwide combat everyone is a prejudiced soldier in
never been any other way, shapeshifters still stay the same
homicide of Benazir, [maybe] I pay [for] my last respect

Snowflake In September

dusty strings, a frozen feather
ice crystals the layout of a letter
encrusted dirt under fresh cut nails
fragile ballerina on top of all scales
windy teasers in black and white
yellowed beetle trapped in its last fight
a herd of midges hover zigzag
the head disguised in drag
cerebral clowns in search of the punch-line
if there is no reason there is always the sine
cloudy smiles, a billion for one
twitch in clenching neuro-lung
a single snowflake in September
says: “Set the clock and do surrender.”
the sweetest voice will walk the loon
soup of honey, lack of spoon

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