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Scott Turner Schofield

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Scott Turner Schofield is a writer, performer, and educator creating theater about gender and sexuality in the Deep South. He is also a man who was a woman, a lesbian turned straight guy who is often called a fag. Not surprisingly, his work centers on contradictions and comedy.

Often sharing the stage with gender-focused artists such as Athens Boys Choir, S. Bear Bergman, and T Cooper, Schofield has been touring two original solo performances “Underground Transit” and “Debutante Balls” to colleges, festivals, and theaters nationwide since 2001. These autobiographical monologues challenge fundamental gender assumptions with stories of searching, embarrassment, pride, and the joy of finding yourself on your own terms. His work has been lauded by press, academics, and artists alike for meeting queer and mainstream audiences with humor and compassion.

“Underground Transit” (2001) takes audiences underground with an almost-Homecoming Queen turned gender renegade. This edgy yet accessible spoken word roll through one budding trans identity set against the cityscape of the New York City subway features rock n’ roll with a touch of drag, and spoken word-style poetry that draws you in for the ride. “True underground theater—literally and figuratively…” – BITCH Magazine

“Debutante Balls” (2004) is a theatrical stand-up comedy dance through the fascinating culture of the Southern Debutante Ball. Schofield’s wicked sense of self-aware humor and poetic sensibility guide audiences gently (or is that genteel-ly?) through the many ways he “came out” like his Debutante friends into Southern Society (as a lesbian, radical feminist, and finally, as a transgender man). Time Out New York replied: “Blanche DuBois would have died.”

These shows have seen over 50 full productions since 2001, and at such venues as:
7 Stages, Atlanta GA; the Chicago Single File Festival 2004; the FUSE Festival – the Celebration of Queer Culture in NYC, HERE Arts Center; Jump-Start Performance Company, San Antonio TX; the Yale Cabaret; The National Queer Arts Festival FRESH MEAT series 2005, San Francisco CA; The Pat Graney Company, Seattle WA; New York City’s Fresh Fruit Festival; and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

They are a wild success on the university circuit, where in addition to performing, Schofield has lectured and facilitated workshops on the lived realities of gender identity at scores of institutions including: Emory University, The Evergreen State College, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The University of North Carolina, Reed College, University of Southern California, Vassar College, The University of Wyoming at Laramie, and Yale University.

In 2007, Schofield became the first openly trans artist commissioned by the National Performance Network for his third solo show “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps.” One of only two works to be triple-commissioned by NPN in 2007 (by the Pat Graney Company, 7 Stages, and DiverseWorks in Houston. TX), this piece is the last installment of an autobiographical performance trilogy, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure combining aerial acrobatics and multimedia storytelling for a perpetually changing evening of gender exploration. Literally: in just the way human beings choose their own life paths, audiences for this show choose what stories they will hear, making sex-change EASY, step-by-step. This show has so far sold out runs in Seattle, Miami, and Atlanta. “’Becoming a Man’ is a roller coaster ride through your heart, your soul, and your genitals.” – Kate Bornstein, author and performer.

The youngest-ever recipient of a Tanne Foundation Award for Commitment to Artistic Excellence (2004), Schofield enjoys incredible nationwide grassroots support, and was honored with a prestigious 2007 Princess Grace Foundation Fellowship in Acting. He serves in this fully-funded position as an Artistic Associate at 7 Stages in Atlanta.

Schofield’s first book, Two Truths and a Lie was published in 2008 by HomoFactus Press. A memoir passing as three solo plays, the book brings readers inside the often hilarious—but all too real—moments of Schofield’s young life on the Homecoming Court and Debutante Ball circuit (in a dress). Armed with only a decoder ring and a gifted tongue, Schofield comes out with truly unbelievable stories of a body in search of an identity that are by turns slapstick and slap-to-the-face. A signature facet of Schofield’s work, this drama warmly invites readers to explore gender, sex, sexuality, and self in their own first person.

“Schofield leads us back to the prom, the ball, the scene of queer adolescent humiliation that, in his capable hands, becomes and opportunity in retrospect for a new and different understanding of the rites and rituals of coming of age in heteronormative USA.” —from the foreword by feminist scholar Judith Halberstam.

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