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TT Jax

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TT Jax is a parent, partner, mixed media artist, and writer living in the Pacific Northwest by way of 28 years in the deep South. A former Sped student and high school drop out, Jax left home at 17. Despite repeated bouts of homelessness, through sex barter, ramen noodles, crap jobs, and perseverance, he eventually worked his way through tech schools and community colleges to graduate summa cum laude with an admittedly useless university degree in Liberal Studies. He spent the best of his secondary education in the dark room, or off with a tripod and timer taking wildlife shots of his own naked body in the woods.

A certified nurse’s aide and PCT, Jax has worked in home health, phlebotomy, elder care, trans health, and abortion. On intimate terms with blood, shit, birth, death, illness, pain, and guts, the anatomical and physiological workings of the human body feature prominently in his work. A poet and former healthworker with a family tree full of circuit evangelicals and builders, he attempts to connect the gods to the bricks, the mechanical to the existential, the diagrammatical to the inexplicable, and his gender to his body, which despite repeated exposures and early morning stake outs, he has not yet managed to capture.

Deeply Southern-identified, Jax’s heart-home is Savannah, GA, near the bones and ash of his grandparents. Heavily influenced by aunts, cousins, and his crazy-as-hell grandma, Jax incorporates the long disregarded art-crafts of rural Southern women into his mixed media work by employing plastic flowers, crosses, crocheted doilies, doll parts, Bible quotes, angel wings, bright plastic crap, and an excessive reliance on hot glue.

When he isn’t raising his kid or trying to stay afloat in the wonderland of disability and social services, Jax writes for the Lambda Literary Review, Original Plumbing, and now Trans-Genre. He is also working on a hybrid play-memoir about his teenage nuthouse years, and blogs at www.ttjax.com.

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