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Vince “Loki” Diaz

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Vince “Loki” Diaz is a 26 year old Comedian, Pagan, Priest, AND Goth who grew up in a Latino Roman Catholic background. He has been featured in American Goth, a documentary by Ryan Rhea (2005), and has done sporadic tour dates within the Missouri pagan and gothic communities.

Born in San Truce Puerto Rico, and raised by Latino Roman Catholic Assimilationist Republicans, Loki has much to say. His sometimes whimsical- most times powerful- stories hit you like a subway train. While trying to Balance his life as a pagan minister he tries to point out the “Queergods” that the gender binary obsessed culture fails to recognize. He currently resides in Portland Oregon spinning tales to expand thought.

Inspired by artists like George Carlin, 2 Gryphon, Margret Cho & Eddie Izzard, Loki decided that anything is possible, including expanding peoples’ consciousness through humor. And more amazing, though, is the possibility that people will listen.

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