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Wordz The Poet Emcee

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WORDZ the poet emcee is a HipHop-Soul artist from Philadelphia, PA. As an artist, Wordz has completed 9 original albums of Hip-Hop, Soul and Poetry, coining his artistic expression as Renaissance Music.

Performing live in the bellies of heated ciphers or on the brightly spot-lighted stages of concert arenas, Wordz’ stage presence and performance, indeed hypnotic, proves to also be purely natural for the talented artist. Often compared to Hip-Hop artists such as Q-Tip, Common, Nas and most recently Kendrick Lamar, he delivers an impressive sound that is both rare and refreshing.

Wordz is featured in numerous local open-mics, showcases, and concerts throughout the US. The talented artist has also been featured on many TV and radio shows both locally & nationally, including BET’s “106th and Park.” Today, Wordz continues to live his life striving to spread a campaign of and inspiration “by any means necessary.”

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