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WORDZ the poet emcee

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Wordz the poet emcee, has reigned humbly for many years amongst the ranking lords of Philly’s underground Hip Hop movement. As a true lyricist, conscious of the philosophical and creative energies of the Gods and Goddesses of ancient HipHop Kulture, he is as authentic as emcees are born.

The foundation of the name- Wordz- embodies the physical image of truth that resonates fiercely from the artist’s poetry, rhymes, and song. Influenced heavily by Hip-Hop Kulture, the “Z” in the artist’s name is said to symbolize the “endless and non-stop”, a degree of “HipHoppa” awareness that only true Hip-Hop heads both recognize and appreciate.

Performing live in the bellies of heated ciphers or on the brightly spot-lighted stages of concert arenas, Wordz’ stage presence and performance, indeed hypnotic, proves to also be purely natural for the young artist. Often compared to Hip-Hop artists Nas and Mos Def, he delivers an impressive sound that is both rare and refreshing.

With the completion of 6 original albums and presently working on other independent recording projects, he is featured in numerous local open-mics, showcases, and concerts throughout the US. Wordz the poet emcee has also been featured on many TV and radio shows both locally & nationally, including “Philly Word Live”, 88.7 FM, 96.5 AM, “In Bed with Butch”, “106th and Park”, and has also appeared on the cover of Original Plumbing Magazine.

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