Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube, Tumbler, Livejournal, with so many sites aimed at social networking it’s not shocking that one might hesitate to sign up to yet another.

At Trans-Genre we recognize the importance social networking sites (SNS) offer individuals and communities, but the truth is, it doesn’t take long for these SNS to become saturated with information, advertisements, and spam, oftentimes drowning out the voice you’re working so hard on creating.

We would never suggest that our site is better than any other, but we can tell you how ours is different.

Artist Centered

From the color scheme, to the logo, to the layout, Trans-Genre has been designed to allow the spotlight to land on the Artists, creating a media rich environment to explore.

Advertisement Free

One important feature that we have maintained and will continue to do so, is our Ad Free site. Although a potential source for income, we acknowledge the media-misrepresentation that happens to our community, and how corporate ad marketing campaigns can play a role. No Google Ads suggesting hair removal, or enlargement solutions found here (we think you’re beautiful just the way you are!). The only thing we want to advertise is our Artists and Creative Community, period.

TMI (in promotions, can oftentimes be a bad thing)

Status updates, tweets, mobile uploads, games, who your dating, your “likes”, can add up to a lot of information for a reader to sort through. Trans-Genre gives it’s audience a snapshot of our Artists work and creative process that isn’t diluted with daily updates, check-ins, etc. We agree these features can be desirable  but when promoting your art, it’s important to get the best information front and center of the viewer. If they like your art, they will follow your updates, if they miss your art hidden in a sea of TMI, they’re much less likely to.

Social Activism

By supporting Trans-Genre, you’re supporting social activism, not corporate profit. Trans-Genre was conceived and built by activist A.J. Bryce. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of organized financial support for our trans communities, and A.J., a QTPOC and single parent, has funded over 75% of the project out of pocket.  Your donations are crucial to our survival, and don’t go towards frivolous spending and fine dining, but to the community we support, guaranteed.

Community Collaboration

Since 2008, Trans-Genre has actively sought out ways to collaborate with our community. From compilation CD’s featuring dozens of artists, to events co-sponsored by organizations like the Tranny Roadshow, Trans/Giving, and the Gender EDGE collective, Trans-Genre takes an active position on community building and collaboration.