Nine months he grows
In his mother’s womb
Then he emerges
To a bright lit room

It is declared
To the parents with joy
That he shall be known
To the world as a boy

With smiles on their faces
Onward they went
To raise up a man
From the child they were sent

In time the child grew
And it came to his mind
Some shocking new thoughts
Of the unusual kind

Fate with its tricks
Had given them a whirl
The boy that they loved
Declared himself girl

Shock turned to horror
As his smile beamed
This was a mistake
Or so it seemed

Stop this they must
Before it’s too late
As slowly the love
Was replaced with hate

Doctors and counselors
All said they were wrong
The child must live
By his own heart song

Undeterred and determined
To show their view right
The boy was hidden
And kept out of sight

Day after day
They berated him on
Trying to make sure
All the bad thoughts were gone

But still he persisted
His feelings were strong
Wanting to show them
That they were wrong

Until came the day
When they all had enough
They both came at him
In a great big huff

Striking him down
Until all that they saw
Was a lifeless body
Bloody and raw

Battered and beaten
Placed deep into earth
Spit upon
Like he has no worth

Sun sets now
On this terrible day
Broken and crumpled
He begins to decay

Days turn to months
Months into years
Never his death
Producing any tears

Slowly the earth
With all of its plans
Begins to destruct
The shell of the man

The spirit is all
That is left in its place
Soon to be surrounded
By a brand new face


Endlessly working
It tries to perfect
A body the host
And world won’t reject

The task now complete
It shakes and splits
Shooting out fire and smoke
That won’t quit

It was a great shock
As the ground below shook
Causing all near
To turn ’round and look

They see a great mound
As it rises and surges
And from it
The reborn body emerges

Backlit against
A great wall of flames
The crowd below trembles
With frightened exclaims

What is this creature
Arisen from the blaze
Everyone wonders
With a fearful gaze

Six feet tall
Stands the body of a goddess
Draped in cloth
Secured by a bodice

A woman in her twenties
With a curvy physique
And just enough muscle
To add some mystique

Long hair red as fire
And eyes piercing blue
White skin glistens sweat
Like fresh morning dew

Behind her two wings
A sight to behold
Black and red
Trimmed with gold

The earth calming down
From its wondrous display
The spirit now awakens
To face the new day

Her senses alive
The transformation complete
Aware of the miracle
That was the earth’s feat

Beginning to smile
And laugh with a twirl
She joyfully cries
“I’m finally a girl!”

A phoenix risen
Up from the grave
No longer her urges
Will she need to stave