What are Transgender, Trans, Gender Variant, Gender Creative, Trans*-/ _______, ______ Gender _____ Artists?

If you’ve read through our site by now you’ve noticed a lot of language around gender and seen a growing list of terms that identify our Artists as Trans and/or Gender Variant in some way.  We do not feel the need to offer or create a definition to sum up the gender identities of our community, nor do we feel we have the authority to.

The truth is the definitions are fluid, and best represented by the individuals who use them. We encourage you to reach out to your local/national/global trans and gender radical organizations and communities to best learn how you can develop a broader gender inclusive language.


Why isn’t my comment showing up?

All comments made by site visitors must first be approved by our staff before they’re published on Trans-Genre.net. Although we, too, disagree with many forms of censorship, our first priority remains creating a positive experience and safe space for our artists and community. We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments that are hateful, malicious, aimed to hurt another, or otherwise distasteful.


Why can’t I see my artist profile when I search Trans-Genre?

All new profiles must first be reviewed by our staff before being published on the site. If you have just registered you will receive an email immediately with your login and password information, which will give you access to your new profile, but it may take 24 hours or longer before your profile is approved. This will give you some time to set up and preview your profile before it goes live on the site. No profile will be published before it has at least 2 images, 1 external link to your creative work (website, blog, social network, etc.), min. 3 paragraph bio., and 1 other form of media (audio/video) or 1 latest news post. See our post Artist Registration Process to learn more about how registration with Trans-Genre works.


For further questions please contact us.