Left to right: Kristen Anchor, Chrissy Howland,
Rahne Alexander.
photo by: Chris Puls

A Baltimore, MD Queer Art Rock Power Trio

The Degenerettes have a sound that is catchy, lyrics that border on the humorous at times, all while surrounded by deep rhythmic bass riffs, melodic guitar, and drum beats that just get inside you.  They formed in 2005 with Rahne Alexander, and Kristen Anchor in a Baltimore basement, and you can hear the history in their songs.  I had the opportunity to have some conversations with their lead guitar player and lyricist Rahne over the last two weeks about the band and their upcoming show on October 22nd.  I must say after listening to their recordings, and watching a live video, I would love to see this band.

During my conversations with Rahne I asked her what some of the bands musical influences are and she said they were “pretty well influenced by rock and soul of all sorts, and we all owe a lot to 60’s soul, riot grrrl bands, and garage rock.” She went on to say “We’ve all got fairly eclectic tastes, so it feels like it would be unfair and boring to list a roster of who we listen to. I’m always more interested in what other people hear in our music, because they’re all accurate in their way.”  I love that this was part of her response, because as a musician myself I relate.  Rahne further said “One time a reviewer said that we were a cross between the Go-Go’s and the Velvet Underground; another time we were likened to Beat Happening. Those sorts of comparisons are flattering.” I have to agree with these comparisons after listening to the bands music.

…we all owe a lot to 60’s soul, riot grrrl bands, and garage rock.”

Rahne gave me a bit of insight into the writing process for the band. “So far I’ve written all the original songs for the Degenerettes, and the band arranges them — Chrissy and Kristen write their own parts to each song. I’ve written songs my whole life, but until the Degenerettes I never really wrote for a band, which is a whole new thing. I feel pretty passionate about each song that we perform, and we don’t ever do a song that we’re ambivalent about. ”

They are playing a show at the Windup Space on October 22nd in Baltimore, MD.  They will be playing along side some other bands including the Barnyard Sharks. Believe me if I could go, you would see me in the front row.

The show on the 22nd will feature passion, humor, great guitar riffs, moving bass, and pounding rhythms on the drums.  The Degenrettes are a must see in any sense, so if you happen to be in Baltimore on the 22nd check them out.  In the future if they plan on doing a show in the St. Louis area I will be the first in line for tickets.