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Mar 20 2015

SAGE Project

Posted by Galen K.

A zine about gender studies being put together by the SAGE Project in Missouri is going to be publishing a collage I made titled “Ramble”, that is representative/celebratory of the mish-mosh of everything that comes under the trans* umbrella.

Jan 11 2015


Posted by Erek

so i’ve been doing a lot of commissions and junk, and these little $6 portraits too so…yeah. yeah. here are some of the little drawings they’re sorta weird but w/e and an actual portrait that actually costs money like about $45 hopefully these show up… Continue Reading »

Nov 12 2014

profile update

Posted by Galen K.

After my art showed at TIC they took it down at the Center for Cultural Pluralism, but I am trying today to find out how to upload my art, Galen K.