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ReKim 3 (Broken Jaw) – #ThrowbackThursday

ReKim 3 (Broken Jaw) – #ThrowbackThursday

Remember that time I use to play drums?

This was my 3rd song for Mike R, my best friend from middle school through the end of high school. Mike practically lived with us, and for a long time we were inseparable. The song came a few years after we lost touch, and I tried to capture all of our adventures in a 4 minute song. When I sing about him getting his jaw broken, it’s totally true. We got in a fight with some kids at the skatepark (yeah, I use to be a skate punk kid). They called me a fag and Mike threw his hat into the ring. He was a good guy.

I play all the instruments on this one: drums, bass, mandolin, banjo, guitar and though it’s not polish it’s still a song that I’m pretty proud of. Here’s to you Mike. Hope you’re well…

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