As the Director of Trans-Genre Press, it is my great pleasure to present Seasonal Velocities, Ryka Aoki’s brilliant first collection as a groundbreaking addition to readers interested in Women’s, Asian-American, Queer, and Gender Studies.

Aoki’s work blurs genre, gender, and cultural boundaries in ways that can be at odds with more conventional publishers. Aoki has been called a writer, an activist, a poet, a performer, a storyteller, teacher, and a musician. Yes, she is all that, but instead of fragmenting, Aoki’s voice crystallizes and unifies with every shift of form. It’s a very rare gift, and in fact, is what many of her fans find so magical about her work.

It is no coincidence that I chose to initiate Trans-Genre Press with Aoki. I wanted to give Ryka the freedom and opportunity to create a volume where the reader can experience a piece of the magic she brings to her live presentations and performances. I believe what she produced is simply brilliant in its diversity, elegance and insight and I have confidence you will, as well.

A.J. Bryce

Director of Trans-Genre Press

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