Lammy Awards Finalist!

   Lammy Finalists: Congratulations

This past week was a personal roller coaster to say the least, but finding the following email in my inbox brought a level of sweet relief I desperately needed:

Subject: Lammy Finalists: Congratulations, Tickets, Readings, and more

Dear Lambda Literary Awards Finalist,

I’m pleased to congratulate you on your nomination for the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards!  Please see the complete list of finalists here


(There was more to the letter but you get the idea…)

That’s right, after over a year of grueling hard work and dedication, Seasonal Velocities by Ryka Aoki, and Trans-Genre Press continues to climb up the literary ladder and gain support from our community.


Yes, this is literally the steel mill I’m referring too…

It’s been slow-goings at times, and always a challenge, trying to juggle full-time parenting of a teenage son, full-time care-taking of a parent fighting cancer, and depleting hours at a part time grocery stocking job. Many hours I’ve spent alone on this project, sitting in a basement, typing away like it means something, hoping to connect with a culture outside of this steel-mill town.

To some the Lambda Literary Award might be one of many awards they’ve been a finalist for. To me, it’s one of many I never dreamed of being nominated for, and to Trans-Genre Press it is only the beginning of a much greater plan to take our communities voices and stories and make them a part of our growing future and history.

Thank you so much to all of our supporters, and thank you Ryka Aoki, for pushing me to reach further, and dream bigger.

Also Congratulations to the many other Trans-Genre Artists whose work made it into the finalists! From Topside Press’s The Collection: Elliott DeLine, Red Durkin, and K. Jarboe.

Check out the full list of finalists here…