Trans-Genre Press is dedicated to publishing quality works of literature by transgender/variant writers. We are looking for the world changers and culture creators to build a body of work that represents our community as the diverse and unique,  while unifying ourselves with the greater human experience. Trans-Genre Press wants to  hit the depths of the human center within our culture, offering readers a chance to walk in the shoes of our differences and embrace the experience of the creatively fascinating.


We are currently focusing our efforts on publishing 2-3 titles a year.


Although LGBTQ content is supported by our press, it is not required to be the subject or focus of the Authors work.



Submission Guidelines:


Authors must [self]Identify as transgender/gender variant.

Simultaneous and multiple submissions are allowed.

Manuscripts must be in English, over 50,000 words and be previously unpublished. (previously published excerpts are OK as long as authors have retained publication rights.)

*Do not send your full manuscript for consideration. See proposal guidelines below.

Proofread & pre-edit your work, then proofread and pre-edit it again before submitting.


Proposals should include:

  • Author name:
  • Author bio:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Mailing address
  • Book Title (can be changed later)
  • Genre:
  • Status: (completed? If not est. completion date)
  • Length (est. page/word count)
  • Book summary/concept
  • Table of contents and an outline with summaries/descriptions of each chapter
  • 2-3 chapters/excerpts for review
  • Your intended audience & marketing strategies for promoting your book
  • Idea’s and/or examples of what you envision for a book cover
  • Your personal vision & goals for your book


You can submit your proposal electronically via the link below:

Trans-Genre Press Book Proposal Submission