Elliot Coale Holloway

Review By Elliot Coale Holloway

Have you ever been so touched by a song that you have been almost instantly moved to tears? Has a spoken word piece read so similarly to the story of your life that you’d have sworn you wrote it yourself? Has a number from a musical ever made you glad to be alive just to be able to hear it? Well, if you haven’t had these experiences before, you will when you listen to “Trans-Fusions”, the debut compilation Cd presented by AJ Bryce’s visionary transgender performing arts project, Trans-Genre. This amazing album features just a sampling of the many talented transgender musicians that are boldly breaking into the performance & music industry today. The artists include Red Durkin, Joshua Aidan Benscoter, Sam Peterson, Rahne Alexander and Modern Day Pinnochio, just to name a few.

While each of the songs and spoken word pieces you will discover on “Trans-Fusions” are unique and exceptional in their own ways, there are a few that have especially affected this reviewer: “Mother”, composed by Benscoter, tells the tale of someone whose parent dies when they are very young, leaving the child left behind responsible for figuring out how to live their life virtually alone, with only memories to soothe them during their darkest days; Joshua Bastian Cole’s song “I’ll Be Different” from his upcoming musical “Transitions” is about coming into one’s own, staying focused on goals, and trying not to let certain setbacks that arise day after day to get in the way of enjoying a full and satisfying life; AJ Bryce, under his musical alias Modern Day Pinnochio, lends his new song “Sober-Rated” to finish out the album. This song completes the album superbly, tying together each of the complex overlapping themes that the listener is exposed to when they listen to the rest of the album.

While no one would say that the music on this wonderful album is at all lacking, it is important to make special note of the artwork that was also submitted for the CD leaflet. On the inside cover to the left is a very beautiful watercolor by Adelaide Windsome, which is at the same time simple and extremely complex in its general form as well as its aspects of multiplicity and variation of topics. There is also artwork on the disc itself and on the case back and insert back by Dylan Scholinski, which seems to do a great job pushing across what is meant to be represented by it through Scholinski’s exemplary use of bright colors contrasting darker ones in the same piece, as well as his notion of journeying/transitioning through words like “fly”, “american’t”, “girl” and “boy”, and his use of postage stamps. Put plainly, Windsome and Scholinski’s brilliant additions round out the album in a very unique, memorable way.

The raw emotion powering each and every song on “Trans-Fusions” is simply undeniable, and the universal messages of love, acceptance, struggle and survival throughout it are absolutely unmistakable. If you are searching for music to put on as background noise, you need to look elsewhere – “Trans-Fusions” is at once a window into the souls of transpeople everywhere, and a mode of awakening of the human spirit.


Learn more about Trans-Fusions and the Artists here!

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