Late spring, I traveled to San Francisco and New York City to read from my piece in The Collection for the Lambda Literary nominee readings. In June, The Collection won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Transgender Fiction. On May 4,“Art From Life,” an interview of me with Lambda Literary Review, was published on the website. June 13 and 14 I attended the Trans Health Conference for the first time and sold my books at a booth- it was a great experience. I was quoted several times in The Philadelphia Gay News (“Book programs abound at the trans health conference”). I was able to go the conference thanks to several people donating money to me on indie-go-go. I raised about $200.

In July, my novella I Know Very Well How I Got My Name received a fabulous, flattering review in Kirkus Reviews. I was the “featured artist” in an article titled “Disrupting the Narrative” by Jameson Fitzpatrick. It was also in print.  September 3rd, Bitch Magazine featured the Young Adults Library Services Association’s list of 41 books of trans* friendly titles for young adults. Listed under fiction is my novel, Refuse. 

Miscellaneous news: I spent the summer (and half my savings!) in Santa Cruz, CA. I lived in an adorable house with 5 “backyard cats,” who belonged to the people in other house on the property, 1 tabby named Oliver who lived with my housemate, and several neighborhood cats who would often climb in our windows. It was a 10 minute bike ride to the beach at most. It was magical and I got some writing done. Now I’m back east in Syracuse, figuring out what comes next.