Hey Folks! Thanks to the 79 Donations we received during our 2 month Writing the Walls Down Fundraiser we managed to end out with $2,828! Even though we were aiming for 10k, we’ve re-calibrated to work with what we have and are proud to announce we are scheduled to publish this Convergence of LGBTQ Voices this August (2015)!

Here’s the new breakdown:

  • $2,250 – Contributor Compensation ($50 x 45 contributors)
  • $2,499 – Printing (300 copies)
  • $1,000 – Proofreading, Paypal Transaction Fee’s, Shipping (cost to ship contributors copies and initial copies from fundraising)

Total = $5,749

How we plan to move forward:

button_PreOrderOur first priority as a press is to publish our Communities Voices. After paying for proofreading and paypal transaction fee’s, we currently have enough left over to print and ship around 250 copies. 235 copies are already spoken for between the Contributor copies, pre-sales, and donation perks. We’ll be working with a POD printer that will allow us to print individual copies as we need them so they’ll always be available, even if we don’t have a few thousand dollars to do another bulk run in the near future.

button_donateOur next Priority is getting our Contributors Compensated for their hard work and commitment to this project. That’s where we still need your help. Every pre-sale and donation brings us closer to that goal, so we will continue to take donations, offer perks, and pre-sales through the end of July. We’ll be adding a few more perks to help boost some of the bigger donations, but right now it’s all the small donations that’s going to help push us to our goal, so please, if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time to donate!

We are creative survivors, we work with and through boundaries, and with your support we are already well on the way to launching this powerful Convergence of LGBTQ Voices.

Please, keep sharing, boosting, liking, and spreading the word about Writing the Walls Down Anthology!