Gender Affirming Therapist Near Me: Here’s Our Review on The Best LGBTQ-Affirming Therapist Counseling Available

The concepts of masculinity and femininity often fool us to assume there are strict boundaries that divide men and women. The truth is, regardless of the sex assigned at birth, everyone experiences gender differently. Curious?

Gender-affirming counseling can help you explore both the concept and limitations of the gender theory safely and conveniently. But, before you google “gender-affirming therapists near me”, it is important that you understand what gender-affirming therapy really is.

A gender-affirming therapist will help you explore the concept of gender and what it means, personally, to you.

You don’t need to identify as a transgender to seek a gender-affirming therapist. The goal of gender-affirming therapy is to promote your relationship with the gender you identify with.

It recognizes cis, trans, and non-binary genders as equal. A gender-affirming therapist will never force you to identify with any label unless it makes sense to you. 

Nor will they ever pressure you to transition to the opposite gender. The purpose of gender-affirming counseling is to help you have a healthy relationship with the concept of gender and the gender identity that you resonate with.

“Gender Affirming Therapist Near Me” ~ Pride Counseling

Finding a gender-affirming therapy will require painstaking efforts, especially if you restrict your choice to local therapists. 

However, if you are open to working with an online counselor, Pride Counseling can help you find a therapist based on your individual needs. 

Pride Counseling specializes in LGBTQ therapy and has dozens of licensed gender therapists.

So, instead of wasting your time looking for an “LGBTQ affirming therapist near me”, you can choose Pride Counseling, which will help you find a therapist that understands your needs and empathizes with your experiences as a gender-queer individual.

When you sign up with Pride Counseling, their matching engine will match you with the therapist based on an extensive quiz in which they will elicit information about your physical, emotional and mental, and sexual health. 

Pride Counseling specializes in gender-affirming and LGBTQ  therapy. Their experts will help you have a healthy relationship with yourself. They will also encourage you to stretch the boundaries of your gender until you feel at home with yourself. 

They will also help you improve your relationship with yourself, the people you love, and society. They can also assist you in navigating gender-related stress, depression, and anxiety. 

How Does Pride Counseling Work?

When you sign up with pride Counseling, they will ask you to complete a quiz and answer a few questions about yourself.

This will help their algorithm to match you with an expert LGBTQ therapist.

You can then contact your therapist via text, phone, or video calls. 

You can also leave them a message at any time of the day. They will then reply to you on a priority basis.

Depending upon your schedule, you can also book sessions with therapists who live in different time zones. By doing this, you will be able to attend a therapy session regardless of the time.

Pride Counseling has a subscription-based business model, which means that you don’t need to pay after every single session.

Your sessions will be billed on a monthly basis.

The cost of every individual session will depend on your location, mode of communication, and the availability of your therapist. 

You can also change your therapist at any point.

Why Is Pride Counseling Your Best Option?

Online gender-affirming therapy is just as good as offline care. Of course, it is almost impossible to conduct a thorough psychological session in a 1-hour phone/video call. 

This is why experts at Pride Counseling don’t use diagnoses. The goal of online therapy is to help you improve the quality of your life.

Your therapist will help you navigate the day-to-day challenges that you deal with as a genderqueer individual.

They will also equip you with tools that you can use to understand and appreciate your true identity. They will help you assert your gender and your needs with yourself, your partner, your boss, and people in general.

Pride Counseling also enables you to stay anonymous if you are not ready to come out of the close. 

Another benefit of online therapy is that it is much more affordable than offline sessions.

You won’t need to commute to your therapist’s office either. This will make your sessions much more convenient and comfortable. This will also help you save money.

Online therapy also gives introverts the freedom to consult their therapist via phone call or chat. 

Please note that experts at Pride Counseling do not use prescriptions. When dealing with a diagnosable mental health issue, it is best to see a psychiatrist nearby. Of course, you can choose to combine the best of both worlds and work with a gender-affirming therapist while you receive your treatment.

But, please don’t rely on any online platform to take care of your psychiatric needs.


With Pride Counseling, you will only have to pay $60 to $90 per session. This is much more affordable than in-person therapy, which can cost anywhere between $80 to $300.

Pride Counseling has a subscription-based model. You will be billed monthly for your sessions.

What does this mean?

You can receive help even if you don’t have money to pay right away. 

Pride Counseling makes it possible for us to avail gender-affirming counseling at affordable rates. You will only have to pay for the time you spend with your therapist. There is no hidden fee involved,

Conclusion ~ Gender Affirming Care With Pride Counseling

 The experts at Pride Counseling specialize in LGBTQ therapy. They understand how difficult your life has been as a genderqueer individual. While no one can change the past, Pride Counseling can help you create a better future for yourself.

They understand the nuances of being a genderqueer person. You don’t need to waste your time searching for an LGBTQ therapist near me.

Pride Counseling will help you receive quality care from professionals from the comfort of your home. 

Their gender-affirming therapists are both competent and caring. 

With Pride Counseling, you only need to pay $70 – $80 per session. This is one-fourth of the money will need to pay for in-person sessions, Trust me, help has never been more affordable.